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My interest in sustainability started from the thought - "what if we can do a little better". It quickly evolved into a professional interest and full-on project role in less than a couple of years.

To me sustainability is not the cherry on top of design work, but a tool to design with.

The ability to balance economic, environmental and social sustainability tenets, paired with analysis driven design has produced the most efficient solutions for each of my projects.

Natural Ventilation.jpg


LEED certification and project

As a LEED accredited professional I was the sustainability leader for a athletics complex that is pursuing LEED Gold certification. This project explored sustainability strategies to meet and exceed the university action plan

01 LEED certification and project


Energy Modeling

My experience with energy modeling started from testing different software options in order to find the best fit for Sasaki company. I'm now leading the energy modeling group and educating my colleagues about energy efficiency in design

02 Energy Modeling
03 Healthy Material Research
healthy m.JPG


Healthy Material Research

Part of my responsibilities as sustainability leader is to specify the healthiest products on the market. This guided my research and I became one of the healthy material group ambassadors in Sasaki company.


Carbon Reduction

Since many cities and businesses committed to sustainability action plans, carbon reduction became a significant driving factor in the design industry. Click "see more" for information on my involvement in carbon reduction strategies for projects

Racquet Center Carbon Reduction Strategy.jpg
04 Carbon Reduction
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