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Carbon Reduction

  • year: 2020-2021

  • location: Boston, the USA

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

Construction industry is one of the main carbon emission contributors on the planet. In order to do my part, I performed comparison analysis of potential embodied and operation carbon as early as conceptual phase of the project. Even though it is hard to get an exact number at such early stages, the comparison analysis of different design options can help client to make an educated decision and stare project to the carbon reduction goal from the very beginning.


As part of my sustainability leader responsibilities I had to track all sustainability related action items for a project and even though I did not perform LCA by myself I worked with close collaboration with Thornton Tomasetti to review their LCA report, recommendations and develop strategies to implement needed adjustments for the project. We also collaborated with LeMessurier structural engineers to prepare a low carbon concrete proposal for Sustainability Advocacy Committee Allocation Request.​

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