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Healthy Material Research

  • year: 2020-2021

  • location: Boston, the USA

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

Being involved in sustainability leader group, I've realized the influence of materials on human health and wellbeing. In order to learn more I joined Sasaki health material research group under leadership of Gina Mosca. The primary function of this group is to research one topic at a time, and supply others in the firm with the most relevant findings in a form of easy to read newsletter. This research inevitably led to realization of need to rise the bar on the materials we specify and currently the group is developing strategy to update company standards.

In my project work I was tracking materials for LEED certification purposes and was a part of effort to apply for additional funding in order to make necessary swaps of materials to more sustainable alternatives. I'm proud to say, that all this hard wok and relentless search and analysis of tons of information payed off and project received an additional funding from sustainability Advocacy Committee.

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