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LEED Certification and Project

  • year: 2020-2021

  • location: Boston, the USA

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi, Sasaki in collaboration with Thornton Tomasetti and Van Zelm

The Racquet Center project that I worked on for more than 3 years is aimed to be LEED Gold certified. Besides my involvement as a designer and Revit coordinator, I took a role of sustainability leader. You can learn more about this project in architecture and interior design sections of this website.


I was lucky to work with and learn from sustainability gurus from Thornton Tomasetti and Atelier ten (A10). We developed holistic approach that allowed us not just reach LEED Gold, but to make it in the most economic manner improving end user comfort without negative environmental impact. I was working closely with engineers from Van Zelm to ensure that all systems work coherent.


As part of the job I had to be an educator and communicate the most complex information and analysis in a simple way to help client make informed decisions. This involved creation of diagrams, charts and utilizing special software like Cove Tool, LEED points calculator, etc.

Behind the scene work included tracking all sustainability metrics of the project: carbon reduction, water savings, energy use, material tracking, Lighting design impact, MEP coordination.


While a big picture is important, details play significant role too and I was developing details to implement Sustainable strategies such as a clipping detail for PV (photovoltaic) panels as you can see below.

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