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I find designing objects and especially building them with my own hands intriguing and inspiring. There is so much one can learn from material, structure and function of everyday things. Being involved in the building process has thought me to think about optimization and cost-effectiveness. Each of the objects I designed is an inspiring journey of creativity, technique development, and problem solving.

IMG_4009 - Copy.jpg


Lighting Fixture

This design won the First Prize at the IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) 2018 design competition in the student nomination category

01 Lighting Fixture


Furniture Piece

I enjoy working with wood and designing furniture as a hobby. These are several furniture pieces that I made with my own hands in collaboration with my wonderful husband

02 Furniture Piece
03 Post Card Design
2018 Holiday Card - blank Page 001.jpg


Graphic Design

The First Prize winner of the 2018 Holiday Card competition at Boston Architectural College. This image became the holiday season website backdrop. It was printed and sent as a post card to all alumnus and the BAC supporters as a greeting.


Polygonal Modeling

Polygonal modeling in 3Ds Max + V-ray of organic shapes for exclusive high-relief by Zwall company.

04 Polygonal Modeling


IIDA Fashion Show

Fantastic life experience as part of the BAC IIDA fashion show group. This competition challenges participants to design a holistic, wearable, theme-oriented, red carpet outfits from interior design materials provided by the sponsor.

05 IIDA Fashion Show


Signage Design Competition

This competition was a crash course in speed design with limited materials and budget. 

06 Signage Design Competition
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