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Studio Apartment

year: 2010

location: St. Petersburg, Russia

authors: Kseniia Bimbashi


The apartment was designed for the family of young professionals. The goal was to have open welcoming space for friends and relatives, but keep the separation of bedroom. Each space has its own mood, but ranging from calm, romantic and airy bedroom to joyful, colorful living room and darker kitchen/dining area more suitable for late night dinners. 


The unusual geometry of living room creates interesting play of light, brings up joyful colors. The space has 3 functional zones: circulation with the nook for owners' parrots, soft seating area with couch and TV and office zone with two desks and bookshelves. The smart combination of custom made furniture and standard store bought pieces helped save on cost while utilizing the space for maximum potential. All custom furniture is made according to designer's drawings. 

The master bedroom is calm and light with the spacious walk in closet, hidden behind mirror doors.


Aligning kitchen front along the long side of the rectangular kitchen would make the space look even longer. To make room visually more square the wall to wall custom build kitchen furniture was designed. This solution provided additional working storage and made enough room for 4 person dining set in the middle of the room.

The demolition of the partition between the tiny WC and bathroom make it possible to fit in 130x130 cm. corner bath 

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