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Pilgrim Hotel

  • year: 2013

  • location: Russia, St.Petersburg

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi


This is a social project. The group of the volunteers conceived creating local cultural center based on the Russian Orthodox Church community. The center would have a guest house / small hotel, where visitors will stay between travels to holy places. Because of its religious background, the hotel was featuring a special room for prayers (rus. molel’nya). 

The group engaged with the local government to obtain suitable real estate for this purpose. This is the part of visualization used for presenting the case to local officials. The interior is designed according to traditions of Russian Orthodoxy, leveraging modern materials and techniques. 

Peculiar details of this visualization – religious items, such as chandeliers and iconostasis are not commonly available, therefore I've created my own 3D models (3Ds Max), using polygonal modeling, bump mapping and other techniques. 

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