Orpheum Theater Renovation

  • year: 2018

  • location: USA, Boston

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

The Boston Architectural College Master of Interior Architecture thesis project is based on my previous research paper "The entrance as a transition zone between exterior and interior. Its role in placemaking" 

The project addresses the lack of theater entrance identity by converting existing dead end to multilevel pedestrian zone and connecting it with the interior lobby. An elegant viewing platform oversees Boston Common Park and brings the face of the theatre in line with the street boundary, affirming its position in the Boston Theatre district and making navigation easier.


New design restores the prestige of the Orpheum theatre, reintroduce it to the public and give it's lobby a new function during the daytime  - as a restaurant and a social hub. The renovated lobby interior supports the outdoor experience, continue the overall theme and gradually prepare visitors to amazing historical theater hall in the Adamesque style.