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Loft Apartment

  • year: 2022 - 2023

  • location: USA, Boston

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi


This loft apartment has a lot of character. Original wood beams and columns from 1889 and exposed brick walls are accompanied by white-washed wood floors. The state-of-the-art kitchen was designed in collaboration with BAUTEAM Boston. The flawless concrete countertop, which also serves as a breakfast nook is the creation of Hill Street Concrete Designs. The matching concrete backsplash was designed and installed by the same talented crew. 

A bold choice of complex grey color for the entryway and kitchen as well as a royal blue color for exposed ducts and pipes create depth and intrigue in the space. Two antic pieces were restored specifically for the project: a table and workbench, converted to credenza. 

The black bathroom is designed to be a spa zone and accommodates an ofuro tub by Zen Works as well as matching shelves.

Master bedroom is minimalist and airy and has it's own bathroom with custom-designed neon sign.

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