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Family Condo

year: 2016

location: USA, Boston

authors: Kseniia Bimbashi


This is a project for a young family with two children, who recently bought a 3-story condo in Burlington, MA. Parents wanted to be strategic about their renovation investments and together we developed several sets of plan for now and for future.


To meet current needs, while children are little we used second bedroom as a study for kids and convert third floor to an entertainment lounge with music corner and bar, where parents can have friends over while still keeping eye on a play area. It was important for parents to provide each kid with their own room and bathroom in 5 years. We came up with the plan to create a teenager room at minimum cost by partitioning the lounge area, reusing electrical outlets and converting the bar water/sewer outlets into a private bathroom.


The Master bedroom that takes almost 60% of the living area on the second floor was a special place for parents and is intended both as a personal and individual workspace for him and for her. We did a set of renderings to identify what strategy will work the best for the couple. We didn't want to separate the work area completely, therefore I used frosted glass to create clear zoning boundaries, as well as adding the carpeting and accent lighting to distinguish bedroom space. 

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