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Cafe Interior

  • year: 2017

  • location: Boston, the USA 

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

Project was developed as part of the lighting design course under the supervision of Lam Partners mentors - Jennifer Sanborn and Catherine Leskowat. The concept of a the healthy food café was implied on both interior and lighting design levels to provide flexible space and multiple use during day and night time. Overall plan is organized to accommodate wide range of visitors from rushing to work neighbors stopping by for a coffee, athletes from Carter Playground (located nearby) grabbing nutritious lunch to local mom's with kids, bike riders passing by or seniors enjoying the view of the vibrant city. The use of natural light makes it possible to sustain indoor vegetation and make the cafe greener. Small stage placed in the center location gives opportunity to hold community event, artist performances and other entertainment activities. Lighting scenarios also include banquet and reception option in case the whole cafe is rented for the event.


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