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Business Center

  • year: 2015

  • location: Russia, Voroneg

  • authors: Architectural bureau "B2"

The original concept was proposed by “ABD architects”. The client decided to move the project to “B2”, but kept the overall design concept as a requirement. We took over the project and updated it to conform to code. We made numerous enhancements, including designing the main entrance from scratch, floor space, exterior details, and many more. I did entire 3D modeling, texturing, visualization, and presentation materials from the first drafts to the finished product. For this project, I was working under the direct supervision of the head of the Architectural bureau - Felix Buanov.


The building is going to be the first business center of such scale in the city. The main challenge was adopting 3rd party concept to produce an actionable design that also looks appealing. 

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