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Beach Complex with Restaurant

  • year: 2012

  • location: St. Petersburg, Russia 

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

The theme for my design thesis was the design of the recreational area on the Finish Gulf (located near St.Petersburg) – the beach “Laskovii” (rus. “Tender”) in Solnechnoe (rus. “Sunny”) with complete infrastructure and detailed design of one of the buildings and its interior. The concept of the master plan derives from the three aggregate states of the water: ice, liquid and vapor. As molecules in water move slowly with the decreasing of the temperature, ice symbolizes the calm area with the leisure center for seniors, with sun shelters and the restaurant in the shadows of the pines (existing plants were preserved). The opposite to the ice – is vapor – the “boiling zone” of youngsters, full of activities, sport grounds, cafes and stage for music bands. Between ice and vapor there is a “liquid” zone – the place for the families and middle-aged people. This is the main promenade, which has two levels and ends with the panoramic restaurant, the special bath, the boat jetty and the pier. The beach features the special decks for sunbathing, children playgrounds, showers, minibars and changing rooms. There is an interesting point in the design of changing rooms: the facades, that are parallel to the sea and forest, are covered with the mirror plastic. This helps not to spoil the view when you are admiring the sea. The perpendicular facades, however, are decorated with the bright-blue tiles, which stand out to the color of sand and it makes it easier to find them. The design thesis was evaluated with the mark “Excellent”.


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