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Athletic Complex

  • year: 2019-2021

  • location: Princeton University, Princeton and West Windsor, NJ, the USA

  • authors: Sasaki

This is a unique campus scale Racquet Center for Princeton University for which I was combining roles of architectural designer, interior designer, Revit and BIM 360 leader and sustainability leader. You can find more about this project in the architecture and sustainability sections of this website.

This LEED Gold and potentially Net Zero building of 190 000+ sq. ft.  includes 9 indoor and 6 outdoor tennis courts, 12 regular and 2 exhibition squash courts, lockers, strength and conditioning, sports medicine, fitness center. 

As building was aimed to serve both athletes and local community the concept for interior had to reflect this. The processes of everyday athlete training (Warm Up-> Perform -> Cool Down -> Recover) and visitors interaction (Arrive -> Engage -> Reflect -> Recharge) were combined in one concept heat map to identify mood of each space. 

To develop tiger related but unique and sophisticated theme for the lobby I went through many options. Client liked the pattern developed from "tiger in the natural habitat" concept, where image of tiger in the grass was converted to a future lobby finish pattern. 

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