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Art and Entertainment Center

  • year: 2011

  • location: St. Petersburg, Russia 

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

The two projects with the similar program requirements, blocking diagrams and volume relationships illustrate the difference between two conceptual approaches: architecture in sync with the nature, mimicking fluidity of organic shapes and architecture emphasizing the contrast between nature and build environment with orthogonal shapes and lines


The first project located on the river's shore serves as a gate to the neighborhood park and represents a connection link (both morphologically and conceptually) between mid-high rise residential boxy blocks and curves of natural landscape. The art and entertainment center has two massing volumes - art/education block with classrooms and theater/exhibition space connected by the enclosed bridge gallery which is especially valuable in St. Petersburg's harsh climate. Most profound feature of the center is an indoor garden that doubles as a theater foyer and café area. The foyer steps down to artificial river creating surrounding the indoor garden is enhanced with the artificial water feature and aquarium. 

The second project is located in the center of the vast park. Having a similar massing to a previous project (theater block and classrooms linked by the connector bridge) it portraits different concept: building frames the picturesque view towards the water and emphasizes the beauty of the English-style non-regular park.

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