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Arboretum Visitors Center

  • year: 2017

  • location: the USA, Boston, 

  • authors: Kseniia Bimbashi

​With the growing need for a research space Arnold Arboretum decided to move the Visitor Center to a new building and dedicate the existing building to scientific purposes. The location of the new visitors center has been chosen based on the through analysis of neighborhood connectivity and transit nods location. Sited in the middle of the Arboretum on the main alley center has the best access for the visitors regardless of direction they are coming from. 

The tree concept has sprouted through the entire project from seeds of the site and social needs analysis and has brought fruitful interior allegory of the main lobby. The interior does not exactly depict the tree, but provides the feeling of the being in the forest with opportunity to explore the space from different levels and perspectives, the way it is happening in nature environment.


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