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Apartment Complex Entrance Zone

  • year: 2016

  • location: Russia, St.Petersburg

  • authors: Architectural bureau "B2"

This is an example of a project on a tight budget.


The first two spaces (mocha grey and terracotta red) are part of the LSR Group series №329 adaptation. In an effort to drive construction cost down LSR group decided to feature some "engineering marvels" such as the elevator well “almost detached” from the main building structure (prefabricated concrete and rebar panels require 3 inches spacing with elevator well by design) and other cost savings solutions, that I had to work around as a designer to keep the sophisticated look. Specifics here included vandal-resistant surface finish (by Tikkurilla) on the first floor, durable lighting fixtures, accent lining, and stainless steel décor panels in the elevator hall.

Other spaces shown in this section (green and bright orange) are part of the LSR Group mass-produced building series №327 (which are typically built side-by-side by the dozens on the same site).

The goal was to come up with a diverse and upbeat, yet inexpensive-to-build solution suitable for apartment complex mass construction. 

To stay on budget, I had to use standard (and often cheap) materials, consider limited construction labor allowances, and improvise some original ways to use them. One of the variations includes partition wall inspired by/shamelessly-stolen-from Piet Mondrian work for a lockable stroller space.

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