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skype: xenia.barvitskaya


USA, MA, Boston


skype: xenia.barvitskaya


Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Business center

Business center interior

Apartment building

Business center exterior

Village house

Village house interior

Apartment building

Hospital renovation

Private Condo

Private Kindrgarden

Private Apartment

Pilgrim Hotel

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Business center

  • year: 2012-2016

  • location: Russia, St.Petersburg, emb. of river Prjgka

  • authors: Architectural bureau "B2"

The “B2 bureau“ has been working on this project for several years, and produced over 15 variations of exterior design. The building is located in historical city center, but away from main sights. While it is suitable for remodeling, variety of regulations, city’s zoning and every-changing architectural master plan in effect at that time made it extremely difficult to approve the project. 

To overcome this constraint, and convince officials, we had to build a 3D model of the surrounding area, visualize and analyze how our design interacts with the views of the city. We combined actual photos and 3D renderings for a “before-after” presentation to prove the building fits well. Our efforts paid off, the project has been successfully approved by city and investors, and right now construction is finally in progress. 

Business center interior space

  • year: 2014

  • location: Russia, St.Petersburg, Obuhovo

  • authors: Architectural bureau "B2"

The building is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, which is known for limited daylight and low gray skies. I used air, light and metropolitan themes to create stylish and healthy environment. 

The main idea of the project was to engage the outdoor space and bring the light into the interior. To accomplish this I used five-story high atrium and connected it with the outside by a transparent glass façade. 

Natural light in the North is a valuable commodity, so I wanted the natural light to flow throughout the building. To achieve this, we collaborated with engineers from Nayada company to design special curved glass wall, bending the light and allowing it to illuminate floor-halls on the levels 1 through 4. The floor-halls above 4 do not face the atrium, and they are decorated with false windows. 

I used mosaic based on Michael Lenn artwork for the entrance zone on the ground floor. For the reception bar, I used custom-designed single piece molded from acryl. Other materials used include travertine and 3D ceramic granite tiles on the walls. 

To support the metro theme, every level of the building is dedicated to one of the world’s capitals. On every floor, there is a painted glass panel, also based on Michael Lenn artwork, as well as a recognizable city’s landmark cut out of polished sheet metal.


Apartment building

common areas

  • year: 2016

  • location: Russia, St.Petersburg

  • authors: Architectural bureau "B2"

This is the project for LSR Group series №329, adopted for a project in less wealthy neighborhood. 

Also “featuring” some "engineering marvels" ;-), such as the elevator well “almost detached” from the main building structure (pre-fabricated concrete and rebar panels require 3 inches spacing with elevator well by design). 

Specifics here included vandal-resistant surface finish (by Tikkurilla) on the first floor, durable lighting fixtures, accent lining, and stainless steel décor panels in the elevator hall. Comes in two colors – carrot red and mocha grey.